DJ Red-K

DJ Red-K aka Andre Labat



DJ Red-k (Andre Labat) is the nocturnal maestro on Daytona's hottest Hip Hop wave at Hot 941. A broadcasting wizard and proud graduate of Bethune Cookman University – HAIL WILDCATS!

When not bringing you the newest & hottest in hip-hop, he’s unleashing the power of Esports gaming, organizing tournaments across Central Florida. Proud Amazon brand ambassador and avid Vlogger, he dominates YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and every social media arena.

His passion for local businesses shines through his social media advocacy. He’s not just a DJ; He’s the official voice of the culture, from the street to interviews with some of your favorite artists.

A fitness enthusiast, he balances his love for sports, especially collegiate and professional football and basketball. Hosting events is his forte – from 5K runs to comedy shows. Living in this beach town, you'll find him connecting with new souls by the waves. Broadcasting is his heartbeat, and he’s crafted a star-studded journey from his "rather mediocre talents." Join him for a nightly rendezvous where beats, laughter, and culture collide! 🔥🎧🌊